2022 Update

Well folks, I’ve just had word that Gilwell 24 2022 and Winter Camp 2023 and both cancelled due to the pandemic.

We did manage to run Sywell in September 2021 (coinciding with the lull) and I’m certainly hoping, in these uncertain times, that we’ll be running it again in 2022.

Sywell 2021

Well folks, the first outing since the start of the pandemic! It was touch-and-go, but Andre decided to go ahead. It was all a bit last-minute, but C19 stayed away, and 80 odd Scouts got a reminder of normality.

Thanks again to Sywell Aerodrome for allowing us to take over.
This plan has some “faults” for a pre-flight inspection to find.
The BMAA dusted off their trailer and brought it along, which was great to see.
And, in spite of the weather looking a bit off in the morning, the afternoon saw volunteers providing air experience flights around the airfield.

Problems, problems

With nothing much going on due to the pandemic, I decided to upgrade the software running this site. It’s trashed all the data!

In other news, Popham is cancelled (no surprise) – lets hope Sywell goes ahead.